Lucence designs and manufactures contemporary restroom signage for high-end development projects.

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Lucence works closely with architectural designers on large scale projects such as office renovations and shopping centre re-fits.

Every last detail of such premium developments is closely scrutinised to ensure consistent quality throughout.

From retail outlets to restrooms, signage is key in reinforcing brand identity while adding value to the visitor experience.

Project brief

The Lucence team collaborated to create illuminated restroom signage that is unambiguous, clearly visible to the user and suited to a contemporary office or retail environment.

Uncomplicated design and clean lines were both key factors in the initial concept, to ensure each sign would fulfil its directional function.

For maximum effect, it was also deemed necessary for the logos to be double sided and streamlined using translucent acrylic with fully embedded LEDs.

Brilliant solutions

The simple profile and uniform illumination of the Lucence restroom signage results in a no-nonsense product that is highly effective.

Not only are the men’s, women’s and disability signs practical, they are also conspicuous thanks to the use of striking colour and a perpendicular wall-mount design feature.

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