Lucence designs and manufactures illuminated artwork for use in the corporate, retail and hospitality industries.

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Lucence has built its reputation on manufacturing functional lighting of exceptional quality for global clientele. Occasionally however, we also like to produce one-off pieces which bring to the fore our talents as light specialists.

These creative projects enable us to work with new and exciting materials, push boundaries and ultimately boost our capabilities.

Each carefully crafted piece is an essential part of the Lucence story.

Project brief

Our intention was to design a standalone piece of art that would command attention within the reception area of a corporate building or hotel.

The concept for The Face was to create an illuminated sculpture that would appear both intriguing and changeable.

To achieve the desired effect, colour rotation was key, leading to the inclusion of fully embedded colour-changing LEDs within intricately shaped layered acrylic.

The freestanding sculpture was designed to be fixed upon a mirrored plinth for maximum effect.

Brilliant solutions

The Face is an unusual and interesting piece due to its shifting mood and striking appearance. By using colour and mirrors to maximum effect it has the capacity to ‘come alive’, captivating onlookers.

As challenging as it was enjoyable to create, The Face is the product of a forward-thinking team whose technical and creative abilities are continually evolving, breaking new ground.

Not many faces stand out in a crowd. We have designed one that does.

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