The Lucence Curve was conceived after working closely with the client who required lift lobby floor numbers.

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Lucence works closely with interior stylists and architectural designers to manufacture creative lighting solutions which cleverly complement their respective settings.

From office renovations to retail, we have provided many singular pieces to use as art, lighting, or work as both. Each product and its specifications are discussed in detail with the client to ensure all needs are met both creatively and functionally.

In the case of the Lucence Curve, designed to feature in a shared office environment, each component was carefully considered to reflect the ethos and spirit of the client - an international workspace specialist.

Project brief

The idea for the Lucence Curve was conceived after working closely with the client who required lift lobby floor numbers for a contemporary office space renovation. To fit with the brand, it was necessary for the illuminated logo to be striking yet functional, creating sufficient contrast with its surroundings.

At 600mm high and standing proud of the wall by 150mm, the design was to feature solid colour using acrylic strips with embedded LEDs. An additional and highly innovative feature is the cutback to the wall, made possible by the use of pioneering materials.

Brilliant solutions

Lucence is continually working to develop ground-breaking concepts featuring fresh design ideas utilising new and exciting materials, such as those incorporated in the Lucence Curve.

Although the materials used presented new technical challenges for our team, the end result is one of striking simplicity. This piece works extremely well to create focus as a standalone piece of art, while simultaneously serving its purpose as a lift lobby floor number.

The smooth, sinuous profile and uncomplicated design achieve a lighting solution that will always get people talking.

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